Upanishads and Quantum Philosophy Compared | (Conclusion)

Mathomathis would like to continue on Upanishads and Quantum Philosophy Compared , 103. Readers can find the previous article  by  navigating to the link Upanishads and Quantum Philosophy Compared | 102 Consciousness multiplies to manifest into the universe of differences where to quote Schrodinger it “finds itself immediately connected with, and depends on, the physical...

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Who Am I - Mathomathis

Who Am I | Symbol Sogam

Mathomathis would like to present an article written by T.L.Subash Chandira Bose on “Who am I”. Note that, there are many articles that would be circulating on the similar discussion, henceforth mathomathis would not like to generate any conclusion by comparing articles that are written by various research scholars across the globe. Mathomathis would just...

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Vyasa Maharishi | Parama Gurubhyo Namaha

The term Vyasa in Sanskrit language means “compiler” and Vyasa Maharishi/Saint/Guru is an important figure in most vedanta dharma/tradition and so called today as “hindu” tradition. He is sometimes called Veda Vyasa i.e. “One who classified the Vedas” or Krishna Dvaipayana. Guru Vyasa is the author of the important epic in vedanta dharma which is...

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