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Vedic Creation – Birth of brahma and his kids | 101

Hindu Scriptures & Sanskrit Literature  | Mathomathis would like to present an article on Root By Kadambi Srinivasan | Published by | Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams | Tirupati 2019. The following article will explain about the creation of the universe by adopting the concepts of vedas and upanishad. Do note that, every concepts including the so...

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Figure 1: Manushyaloka

Cosmographies | THE JAIN TRADITION

Mathomathis would like to present an article on Cosmo Graphical Mapping by JOSEPH E. SCHWARTZBERG. The following article would start a conversation on a topic called as: COSMOGRAPHIES: THE JAIN TRADITION Of the three ancient Indian religious traditions, that of the Jains appears to have had the greatest and most continuous preoccupation with cosmographical questions. To...

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