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Vedic Rishis / Indian Saints – Maharishi Veda Vyasa

A Quotes from Swami Sivananda –  “Who is a saint? He who lives in God or the Eternal, who is free from egoism, likes and dislikes, selfishness, vanity, mine-ness, lust, greed and anger, who is endowed with equal vision, balanced mind, mercy, tolerance, righteousness and cosmic love, and who has divine knowledge is a saint....

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Indian Astronomy | Astronomical Dating of Events | 103

Mathomathis would like to present article on Indian Astronomy | Astronomical Dating of Events | 103 by the author Kosla Vepa Published by Indic Studies Foundation, 948 Happy Valley Rd., Pleasanton, Ca 94566, USA. Previous article can be found here (Indian Astronomy | Astronomical Dating of Events | 102) Their website can be located

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Poet in the Vedic Aesthetics | (Conclusion) 102

The following article on Poet in Vedic Aesthetics is a continuation from Part 101 | Previous article, do read the previous article before continuing here. The discrepancy between the old and the new selves is quite conspicuous and Dirghatamas as a poet shrugs off his old self but cannot explain the dynamics of this transformation....

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