The Poet and the Poetry in the Rigveda | 102 (Conclusion)

Mathomathis would like continue from the previous article. Users are advised to read the previous article, before proceeding further. In the following article we would like to start with Nature of Poetry. Righteous and truthful: According to the poets of the Ṛigveda, the first and the foremost characteristic of a good poetry is its being...

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Poet - Mathomathis

The Poet and the Poetry in the Rigveda | 101

Mathomathis would like to present an article which was published by author G.C.Tripathi on The Poet and the Poetry in the Rigveda. Among the ancient-most religious texts of literary character, the Ṛgveda occupies the topmost place of pride, not only because of its spiritually inspired religious fevour and its sublime philosophy, but also for an...

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