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Indian Astronomy | Astronomical Dating of Events | 107 (Adi Sankara)

Mathomathis would like to present article on Indian Astronomy | Astronomical Dating of Events | 103 by the author Kosla Vepa Published by Indic Studies Foundation, 948 Happy Valley Rd., Pleasanton, Ca 94566, USA. Previous article can be found here (Indian Astronomy | Astronomical Dating of Events | 106 (Buddha’s Date)) Their website can be located The studies is also conducted by N.S. Rajaram PhD. Author’s in the volume 1 of their research start their discussion on a topic called Why are History and the Chronology Important by Kosla Vepa PhD.

The date of Sankaracharya has been discussed in great detail by a very large number of scholars. For some details the works of Kota Venkatachelam and the essay of Ramachandran may be consulted. For the purposes of the present essay, the planetary positions at the time of birth of Adi Sankara and given in the article by Ramachandran is sufficient. The horoscope is given by Citsukhacarya, a boyhood friend of Sankara, in his work Brhadvijaya. According to it Sankara was born in the year Nandana of Kaliyuga 2593 (509 BCE) in the month of visakha, suklapaksa pancami tithi, punarvasu naksatra, karkataka lagna, in the abhijinmuhurta. The Figure A shows a star map for April 5, 509 BCE and it is easily seen that tithi, lagna, naksatra and the positions of the planets are exactly as described in the horoscope. This verifies that the planetary configuration as given for that date is correct. However, caution must be exercised in deriving the dates based on horoscopic data alone.

A. Star map for April 5, 509 BCE
A. Star map for April 5, 509 BCE

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