Vedas and Upanishad as they say and so is true, that:- They are the blueprints, a template provided by greatest seers/rishis walked and still walking on this planet earth to human mankind, which gives us a method, a technique to explore the capacity of evolution to it’s maximum. It is said in Ancient Scripts that, evolution of human species or manushya (In Sanskrit) is one of the greatest gift provided by the nature/universe. As the body that the human species posses is extremely rare and indeed very unique and is very profound in existence that, this is the only tool (human body), one of the natural selective tool that was developed by nature where it (human body) can indeed question, seek, observe, witness, experience, design, create, destroy and understand the creation of the universe. As this is the only tool (Human Body) which helps to explore and experience the beginning of creation, it’s ongoing process and it’s end process. This is the only tool available in nature where it is said that, what you believe, is bound to happen and so it does, either good or bad, it does happen. Now there are 2 aspects we need to consider here:-

  • One which would be: Developing a tool created by human and explore the universe and try to find out the answer OR
  • Use the tool that is already available (Human Body) and explore the Universe.

Do remember that, the mechanical tool or device that is available/created on this planet is created by human species, which means an intelligence is substituted into the machine by humans, well before substituting the intelligence to the machine, there is already much higher intelligence that exists within the body itself. Question is: Which intelligence is higher? The intelligence that was derived naturally by nature OR intelligence that is artificially induced to machines and calling the machine as intelligent?. Now, this is exactly what the greatest rishis who had and still walking on this land have been trying to tell us. SEEK WITHIN, ANSWER TO ALL THE QUERIES LIES WITHIN. This is indeed a plain statement to make, but the gravity of such statements is highly Unimaginable, as there is a difference between making a statement by reading books and making a statement within an experience.

This is all fine, but is there a thing like: Can we indeed experience something more, than we already have ?, If so what would be that and why do we need to experience it, when I am already happy with what I have. These are some of the common questions we do encounter when we start our thinking process towards non mechanical world/devices. Now, to answer for such questions, it is indeed quite tough and it cannot be drawn out with any theories. It has to be purely experienced and it is left to the seeker to seek the method or figure out a path to get such answers. This is something no one can be taught with, not even if the GODS (If there is a thing called as GOD). This has to be purely drawn out from intellect as well non intellect experiences. Since human species are always in the path of: “Wanting to be done something more“, from what is already there, they tend to end up is “Doing something which is not even relevant for“, but they do it. Either good or bad, human is such a species that:- “Wants are always more than the necessity“. Inorder to achieve it, the actions taken by humans are so drastic that, by the end of the journey of an individual or in middle of the journey, a “Tiny Voice” surfaces:- “What the hell am I doing ?“, I am performing exact actions as what other human species are performing and I am not even sure, where this is going to lead me, expect to DEATH BED. Everyone would have encountered such questions and those who take this question quite seriously, they end up in more bigger mess than they already are in, as this is exactly the STAGE, where the process of UNDO or Reversal process begins and now the subject becomes more tougher and seeking becomes more and more painful process.

When the seeker goes for seeking the answers, they tend to end up going back reading books to the religion they are born with. Few seekers become comfortable accepting what is been written in some of the so called religious books and tend to practice them, whereas others tend to be unhappy with everything and keep on seeking or hunting for answers in every part of the world and tend to become more unhappy, confused, puzzled about the ongoing process. Finally the body and mind gets exhausted. The query here is:-

  • Where do I Start“?
  • What should I Seek for“?
  • How should I Seek“?
  • Whom To Believe” ?
  • Which Theory Is Correct” ?
  • Which method Is the right one” ?
  • Whom and Why To Follow” ?
  • Will I achieve the end result, If there is anything like that” ? etc. This is where “MATHOMATHIS“, tries to play a tiny role to eliminate such queries only and only at the 1st stage of the seeking process. Ideally speaking there are no stages at all for any seeker, it just means, Mathomathis, tries to provide theories and articles which helps to sort of few discrepancies the seeker is going through. 

About Mathomathis, The Yogi & Software Engineer Who Met The Yogi and Created Mathomathis : Mathomathis was first created in 2013 with an intention of spreading the right message for those who are in the path of seeking. In 2010, an incident was carried in out to one of the human species in Karnataka. The Yogi (Which is been addressed Today) was a human species who was quite happy with what’s going on life. An incident was carried to the person in 2010, where one of the known member in the family passed away. So, it began the ritual process and during the ritual process, the person was going through a deep sense of uneasiness, uncomfortable and was not able to explain to himself about what he was witnessing. The person was seeking himself lying next to the dead person. Ideally  the person was seeing his own ritual process and that left him into a state of shock, uneasiness and confused of what was going on around him and  his thought process. The impression about the event was so much deep routed within the person’s thought process that, he was not able to get it out for quite sometime, infact for an entire year. During the process of trying to figure out the answers for what he was experiencing, the person happened to get in contact with quite few human species those who are indeed quite serious enough and dedicated their life, in the path of seeking answers. As the person got in contact with the right set of teachers, he started to practice under a limited guidance by first accepting and the practicing the reality of life and society around him.

Later the person started to practice advanced stages of Yogic techniques, where he has put his body and thought process to very harsh conditions, so that he wanted to witness the best experience the body can provide to him and make his realize about the reality of things around him. The practice was religiously carried out for 6 years, starting from 2011 to 2017. During those period, the person not only practiced yogic methods, but he also started to adopt, learn and practice other religion like:- Vedas (Branches of Vedas would be: Sikhism, Jain, Buddhism, Hinduism etc.), To being an Atheism/Agnosticism, To practicing Gnosticism, Christianity, Judaism, Confucianism and finally practiced Islam, for the only reason that:- To figure out which method is the right one, which religion is the right religion, which teachings are the correct one and so on… The practice carried out for quite sometime. During the sadhana, somewhere in mid of 2019, the person realized certain aspects of life, where the person became more and more clear and started to get the perfect sense of understanding of nature, life, cosmos, birth, death, time, space, creation, destruction, existence etc. and started to share his experiences and his journey for those who are in the path of seeking the truth of existence. So the person attained the state of Yogic. The state is nothing but the, state of mind.

Fortunately, the author of Mathomathis, came in contact with the Seeker in 2015 (place and location – undisclosed). Author of Mathomathis was more keen in subjects like: ‘Mathematics’ and ‘Physics‘, as the mind of author was more inclined in seeking the analytical approach. There where couple of question/concepts that was indeed bothering for the Author as well like:-

  • If you can seek something, that something should have a pattern of higher degree. So, how can we unlock or figure out the pattern“. Does the current mathematical concepts help us? If not which mathematics can help us to devise/create/simulate the pattern. Now, once the pattern is identified, can it be converted to physical reality? If so, does the current physics holds good enough, to achieve. If so how, If not what next?.
  • If you cannot seek it, then what next? Can you experience it?“. If there is an experience then can it be converted to mathematics, if not, what do I make out of it? “Can any experience be measured” ? If so how, If not what next?
  • Is there anything as such called experience itself“?. If there is an experience what should I know and how should I understand with that experience.
  • What is the meaning of dream?.
  • “How does the first energy gets created“?
  • What makes us life“?
  • How come the atoms within all of us and the materials within universe is same“? Does that mean is there an originator or creator that created all these”?
  • If there is a creator, why and how should I seek it“? “If there is no creator, then what are we indeed doing“?
  • So, I just born and then die ? That’s it ? If so, then how come me and my siblings though born in same family background and raised with same set of friends and education, the thinking process are different. “So, where does thinking come from ? and is there anything called as “Thinking
  • Is “Thinking, same as thought?” “What is thought“? Where does it come from?:- So the questions goes on and on. And the author believes that, these are the questions that anyone of us, who are in the path of figuring it out, would have exactly the same queries (more or less) and it is obvious to have them, as these are quite basic and natural questions to be addressed/asked.

As the author of Mathomathis, had many questions, author is been trying to put forth one by one from 2015 Till Date, to the Yogi. The Yogi till Date is patiently explaining to author and trying to help author to seek answers. In this on going journey, Author has clearly, (i.e. crystal clear) have identified that:- The only subjects or dharma or religion that has answer to such critical, yet simple questions is in Vedas and Upanishad i.e. Vedic dharma ONLY. As this is the only dharma, which indeed explains everything via science and then lands from science to experience. Author has also studied, but not practiced other religion and figured out that: Other religion indeed enforces to believe and forcefully makes a human to accept a religion and does not give the seeker to question anything about what’s been written in so called religious books NOR the preacher who preaches the texts makes sure that the seeker does not question anything about the teaching, except to blindly accept the teaching, and these kind of behavior exists only because of ignorance; i.e. “Benefit of Doubt” is not acceptable in any other religion except Vedic dharma, which is a sad reality, but that’s a fact whether we accept it or not.

Vedic dharma is the only dharma where the seeker or preacher, explains all the available concepts, demonstrates to those who are willing to seek and at the end, they tell the seeker to seek themselves, that is the beauty of this religion. This religion is rich in science and mathematics, arts, music, dance, medicines, chemistry, machinery, aircrafts etc.; where the all the articles within Mathomathis revolves around these concepts. There is no end to the subjects that Vedic dharma posses. As they say there are 64 Main Subjects, and Sub – Subjects would be twice or thrice or even more that to that of main subjects.

So, “What Does Mathomathis Do“?:- Mathomathis hunts/searches for most of the answers where any seeker who is wishing to seek for the truth via Science, at the first stage and finally try to explain on how the science and experience should be understood in the right process / methodology. Author of Mathomathis is been in contact with various human species across the globe, that includes eastern and western engineers, eastern and western scientists, eastern and western philosophers and Spiritual Practitioners and try to formulate articles about the experiences that was shared by engineers, scientists and spiritual practitioners. Author has travelled to many destinations for the search of truth and in search for precious books/articles across the globe. In the current state/scenario, we cannot find all the materials which was once been documented long ago; for example:- The Vedic dharma is one of the oldest known dharma on the planet and what scholars state that:- The dharma is so old, that to derive a number itself is quite tough, few state that:- its greater than 20,000 years and few claim its as old as 40,000 years. Now, to get the origin of the materials is not at all possible, so the closest year where we can consider to get the material may be start of 1600 or 1500. Starting from 1600, there where many events that have happened across the globe like: WAR, Land Shift, Spread of diseases, Tsunami etc. because of which materials would have been lost or shifted to another land or destroyed due to war etc. The intention of Mathomathis is to dig out the best materials/ancient scriptures that is available on the planet and present it to the readers, by which the readers are given a view to understand the actual meaning of the science and the philosophical journey that they would like to carry…

As a reader:- The sole purpose of the reader when they enter to the world of Mathomathis is:- Are my concepts getting clear. Am I able to see science in what I am seeking for, either eastern or western. Finally, Am I getting comfortable in what I am learning. Mathomathis, in general presents articles that have been documented by eastern and western engineers, eastern and western scientists, eastern and western philosophers and Spiritual Practitioners. Mathomathis would present articles on all the available religions as well as the practices that is been carried out across the globe. It would be left to the readers to judge (based on their intellect and thinking process) on which is the best method that is available and what needs to be practiced. Readers can always reach out to Mathomathis for any sort of queries, or if the readers want to pass any specific message or if readers want to share the materials or experiences, please feel free to do so, in the contact page.

Finally, Team Mathomathis would like to wish all the readers whole heartedly that, “Hope the Universe reveals the truth that you seek for and hope the seeker within you, presents himself on the day the seeker seeks him