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Nada – Sound In Vedic Science | 101

Definition of Science: Carnap defines Science as – “an ordered body of knowledge.” Skinner, defines Science as – “a search for order, for uniformities for lawful relations amongst events in nature.” In the view of Wartofsky “Science is an activity, a process and continuous inquiry. The procedures, functions and purposes of Scientific inquiry must be kept in view while defining Science. Science is a growing system like an organism.” “Empirical verification and instrumental measurements are the two important characteristics of Scientific knowledge. Scientific knowledge, then is basically analytical. It analysis the date of experience into their distinguishable parts or properties or functions and instrumentally measures their qualities. Scientific knowledge, then, is basically quantitative in its nature.”

Definition of Sound: Modern Science defines sound as – Sound consists of certain physical events which may take place whether is someone is there to here them or not. Sound is an organized movement of molecules caused by vibrating body in some medium – water, air, rock or whatever. “Of course not” said the philosophers, who were questioning all of nature in the search for a real world. Sound is a sensation, known only to the mind of the listener – a sensary experience which we can relate to our physical and emotional lives. This question still puzzles today – and puzzles them to no purpose. It confuses cause (a physical vibration of some material thing) with an effect (a physiological sensation in an animal brain) and which of the two is sound ? Both Sound originates when a body moves back and forth rapidly enough to send a wave coursing thorough the medium in which it is vibrating. But sound as sensation must be received by the ear and passed on to the brain, where is can be registered as an event taking place in the world about the listener. Over this past 200 years, science has explored both aspect of sounds dual nature. Today we can at last describe with real precision not only the physics of sounds but much of the biology of hearing. Physics explains the origin and the ultimate sound as vibration. Sound according to physics is imprisoned within the limits of the theory of vibrations. “Vibration is defined as the pattern of periodic alternating quantities changes (oscillations) in a medium, induced by the passage of energy through the medium. For example, when a stone drops into the quite waters of the lake, the water is the medium. The splash of the falling stone injects mechanical energy into the water, inducing it to vibrate in waves; this energy travels through the water in the form of ripples, or oscillations, that spread out from the point of impact. These waves are alternating (up and down) changes in quantitative or measurable aspect of the water. The cross-section of the waves and the concentric circles made by them is the pattern. That each wave follows the previous one by the same distance or time interval indicates that the phenomenon is periodic. Each up and down cycle of a wave takes the same amount of time. The term oscillation and vibration are almost synonymous; however, a vibration is usually composed of more than one oscillation.” Is this definition sufficient or accurate in describing the content or native of sound ? Modern physics cannot explain the true nature of sound. Indian metaphysics can only explain the theory of sound, its origin and ultimate limit. Sound is essentially independent of vibration. There is sound which exists without vibration which is the original nature of sound. Sound is the creator but not the creature. According to Indian metaphysics vibration is the effect but not the cause of the sound.

Mathomathis - Nada

Modern physics of sound is inadequacy in the case of its receiver. The biological evolution of the animal ear or the human is the receiver of the sound. These animal or human beings can hear certain frequencies of sound only and beyond or above the frequencies, they cannot hear. Understanding the sound in the stand point of human beings or animals, physics say the lower or the higher frequencies as silent sound. Justice Mukharji in his article: “The Meta-Physics of Sound, said that the vistas beyond the higher limit or below the lower limit are infinite compared to the narrow range of audibility of that ear. To meet that inadequacy the Physics of sound adopted the fiction of silent sound. That fiction means that sound is still caused by vibration, but such sound is not within the normal range of audibility of the ear. The characters of that fiction are ultra sonic, super sonic and infra sonic. While this friction meets the difficult of inaudibility it faces the more insoluble difficult of the medium.”

Modern physics has second inadequacy in explaining the medium of sound. It says that the medium of sound is neither a solid or a liquid or a gas. Physics says that sound vanishes when vacuum is created in the medium. “Robert Boyle the British Scientist under took a simple example in 1660 A.D. by suspending a watch with a good alarm from a slender thread in a glass jar. Then he pumped the air out of the jar. We silently expected the time when the alarm should begin the ring and were satisfied that we heard the watch not at all. Wherefore ordering some air to be let in, we did by the help of attention, begin to here the alarm. Boyle had demonstrated that sound requires a medium; some substance through its vibrations can be transmitted.” Here there are vibrations only without sound because there is no medium. The theory of silent sound does not now come to the rescue, says Mukharje: “For it is no longer supersonic, ultra sonic, or infra sonic. It is now legless sound.” What is that then ? Our Indian metaphysics call it static sound, the causal stress. Modern physics has yet failed to discover the static sound. It has discovered the silent sound, a concept in audibility. it has failed in discovering the static sound, a concept in creative, self-reliant, dynamism, independent of any solid liquid or gaseous medium, the power of ideation, as distinct from the power of expression or manifestation What is vacuum ? In view of modern physics vacuum is emptiness. Indian metaphysics do not accept vacuum, it is plenum instinct with most powerful and subtle energy as yet indicted by modern physics. When the whole atmospheric content of the glass jar is exhausted as illustrated earlier, what remains is not vacuum, but Akasa or Vyoman.

T.V.S. Dasu explains Akasa: Akasa contains the mother of particle and field. It is idle to state that the space is empty. It is also equally wrong to state that all space is uniform and contains a thing called ether. Space absolute contains a thing called ether. Space absolute contains Mahat which is uniform and all pervading. This gave rise to a thing called Bhutadi, which exists in contours and varies in densities and equalities varying in various fields. The contour nature of the primordial substance makes us feel that the space is curved or limited, and accounts for the variety of nature. If the hypothesis that the space contains some thing is not accepted it is not possible to explain why a particle cannot have more or equal velocity to that of light; why at that particle velocity it is converted into matter, why there is formation of matter at all, why the velocity does not increase incessantly if there is no obstruction in space.” He again says that – “Every scientist today agrees that it is impossible to definitely state the boundaries of ether the particle or the field. Both extend into each other practically nullifying the distinguishing qualities of each other except variations in intentions and in reactions. Scientists are bewildered about their reaction and try to explain away saying that particle is nothing but an optical illusion of a wave. It is more correct to say that both are different stages of activity of one and the same thing, which exists in space and which is called Bhutadi in physical aspect and which is the mother of all creation.”

Now let us see what scientists understood about field and mass and what they say about the order in Nature – Scientists generally insist that all phenomena can be described, in principle, in terms of measurable quantities which can be calculated using simple mathematical laws, thus reducing the Universe to a mechanism and humans to complex sub-mechanisms whose will and feelings correspond to nothing more than patterns of chemical interaction among molecules. The vast majority of these scientists are bent on eliminating the concept of God from all descriptions of reality and its creation. The Scientific method is based on empirical evidence and it doesn’t accept the esoteric aspects. The materialistic aspects have their defects and the followers of this method are subjected to four defects. B.B.Vishnu wrote that – “Scientists are subject to the four defects of all humans, namely, they make mistakes, are subject to illusion, have a cheating propensity and defective perception (Bhrama, Pramada, Vipralipsa, Karanapatava), their findings when presented with some sort of verifiable experimental proof, are accepted as factual descriptions of reality.” It is evidently proved that most of the scientific concepts are in vain and are unverifiable. Swami B.B.Vishnu said that – “All too often scientists forcibly assume that their laboratory experimental evidence can be applied elsewhere under different circumstances. Further, almost all currently accepted theories of Creation and Evolution are unverifiable and often contradicted by reliable evidence.

How ever, when concepts such as consciousness, a creator intelligence and soul are introduced as viable concepts, the scientists demand that they be detectable by experimentation.” Albert Einstein says that – “Alternative world views which need to be examined more closely are those which include these concepts of consciousness, spiritual qualities and a grand designer or Universal designing intelligence (god). Although Albert Einstein professed atheism, he agreed that there is a perfect ‘brain’ behind all the natural physical laws. It is common sense that there is some cause behind each action. Even machines cannot run automatically without an ‘operator’ to turn them on or repair them. There is no logical reason for ruling out in advance alternative strategies for explaining the creation and it’s constituent parts. Yet, the vast majority of scientists reject outright any argument in favor of design since such a concept is not reducible to physical processes and simple mathematics. We think this approach of the scientists is unscientific.” Aurobindo in The Valley of the False Glimmer opines that – “Science has missed something essential; it has seen and scrutinized what has happened and in a way how it has happened, but it has shut its eyes to something that made this impossible possible, some thing it is there to express. There is no fundamental significance in things if you miss the Divine Reality; for you remain embedded in a huge surface crust of manageable and utilizable appearance. It is the magic of the magician you are trying to channelize but only when you enter into the consciousness of the Magician himself can you begin to experience the true organization, significance and circles of Lila.”

Scientists accept only four fields and they neglect the fifth field i.e. the luminiferous Ether. Robert. E. Wilkinson wrote about the physicists that – “In their search to explain the mechanics of creation, the world’s leading theoretical physicists have determined that there are four fields of force in the Universe. Scientists have been able to reduce and classify these fields in categories according to the strength of the force that they carry, and the particles with which they interact. The first of these categories is the Gravitational Force. It is the weakest of the four forces and has two special properties; it is able to act over large distances and is always an attractive force. The gravitational force is present in large bodies such as the Sun, Moon and Planets. The second category is the Electromagnetic Force which operates over short distances and interacts with electrically charged particles. While it is much stronger than the gravitational force, this force operates on the very small scale of atoms and molecules which possess two kinds of electrical charges, positive and negative, that tend to attract or repel one another. The third category called the Weak Nuclear Force, is responsible for radioactivity and is found in many nuclear decay processes that involve neutrinos. In 1979, scientists were able to develop a theory which successfully unified the weak nuclear force with the electromagnetic force as they had earlier been able to unify the forces of electricity and magnetism. It is now called the Electro-weak force. The fourth category, called the Strong Nuclear Force, binds particles together into combinations. Matter is mostly made up of protons and neutrons which in turn are made up of quarks. The strong nuclear force holds the quarks together in the proton and neutron and hold protons and neutrons together in the nucleus of an atom.” He further points out the inadequacy of Modern Science by saying that – “While these four forces account for the theoretical dynamics of matter they do not appear to interact with each other in a manner sufficient to suggest a single unified field theory which could explain the natural ordering of the Universe. This problem has forced scientists to continue their search for an as yet unidentified 5th field in nature which they hope will provide the basis for this long sought unification. Their search for this mysterious 5 th field has led them to speculate about a sub quantum reality described by the ancient sages as the Luminiferous Ether.

It was believed to be an invisible medium that would fill all space and convey extremely subtle effects over large distances. To the world of science, this metaphysical possibility was not considered viable because physicists were not convinced that etheric forces played any significant role in physical interactions. But, upon closer investigation, they have come to believe that the Etheric may hold the key to the elusive 5th field. Leading theoreticians now conclude that this invisible sub-quantum field, capable of being the ground state of the Universe, would be free of matter as well as the effects of gravitation. Since it resembles empty space, they appropriately named it the Quantum Vacuum. However, following more recent discoveries, they were forced to revise their notion of an etheric void in favor of new theories which suggest that the Quantum Vacuum is a highly charged cosmic medium; an energy-filled plenum whose subtle order measurably influences the space-time motion of the material universe. Scientists now agree that it was the Quantum Vacuum which gave birth to the observable Universe. And they also believe that the 5th field which they are seeking is the interactive face of that plenum. A number of physicists now suspect that the dynamics of that interactive face hold the key to joining the fields of gravitation, electromagnetism, and the strong and weak nuclear forces in a Grand Unified Field Formula.”

Though the particles differ in the velocities, charges and quantity of mass, all of them are essentially one in their substance. T.V.S. Dasu explained this in his book Vedavijnanam – “All of them have the same source which is described in Upanishad as the Brahman, the Supreme Consciousness. Matter is the object of the mind and mind is able to understand the matter, both are not different but different in aspects. Then which one is the primary, mind or matter? Materialists say that it is organization that is responsible for the creation of consciousness. They are trying a lot to prove this but the more they probe, the worse they are confounded. The uncertainty principle, the superimposition, the simultaneous existence in various states, behavior patterns and nuclear forces of the micro physicists are proved to be beyond explanation if we relay on material only for answers. Secondly Consciousness is superior in nature to mere mass or energy.” Further he writes that – “The mass having no intelligence does not know how to create it and the creation becomes a matter of chance. It also gives an absurd proposition that intelligence is not capable of creating objects of mass as it is its child or author. This lands us in aimless existence and there cannot be any aim of life. There is another fallacy of the materialist’s argument; intelligence is the out come of the adjustment and arrangement, denote the fact of the presence of the intelligence in the very act itself. So it cannot be result of adjustment but adjustment itself is itself is a result of intelligence proving that it exists prior to mass formation. So intelligence is conclusively proved to be the author of mass.”


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