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Nada Sound in Vedic Science | 103 (Conclusion)

The following article is a continuation from the previous article Nada Sound in Vedic Science – Origin of Shapes and Figures | 102. Readers are expected to complete the previous article, before continuing further.

Robert E. Wilkinson in his article – The Quantum Brahman explained about the Quantum Vacuum that clarifies some of the baffling issues of Science as – “The discovery of the Quantum Vacuum appears to represent a major paradigm shift for modern science but, at this point in time, very little is actually known about this puzzling phenomenon. Physicists cautiously agree that the Quantum Vacuum gave birth to the observable Universe; that it is the source and sink of all matter and, that it may prove to influence the space-time motion of matter. There is even a growing consensus among scientists that Vacuum Physics lay at the core of everything. But, in spite of all these advances, they are still faced with a monumental problem; the discovery of the Quantum Vacuum has not really solved anything, it merely postulated a zero point beyond which empirical science cannot go. They have finally arrived at the womb of creation, but it is exactly as the ancient sages predicted: immeasurable. The laws of physics break down at this resonant threshold because they are unable to measure its infinite density.” In his book, Wholeness and the Implicate Order, David Joseph Bohm wrote about Zero point order as – “The Zero Point Order which Bohm identified as the realm of insight-intelligence bears an unmistakable resemblance to the supreme spiritual realization of Indian metaphysics known as the Brahman, a perfectly inactive, pure noetic plenum realized as Absolute Being. The Brahman is characterized by a complete fusion of Time and Consciousness which is experienced as Timelessness, or undifferentiated Time. In this state Time-energy vibrates at such an intense rate that it appears static and thereby lacking any element of periodicity or denseness. Hence it cannot produce any form or any division of Consciousness-substance into distinct crystallized objects in Space.” He further said that – “In the language of physics the Brahman would be infinite creativity in a resting or seemingly non-vibratory state, realized as Emptiness or a Void. It appears this way because, as energy moves toward an infinite state, its wave frequency increases. The amplitude or vertical distance between wave crests becomes smaller and smaller until the points of rest overlap, turning the oscillating wave into a straight line. In this manner, infinite energy may be realized as utter stillness or a zero point, precisely as the sages have said.

Bohm obtained laboratory evidence of this phenomenon by proving the existence of wave lengths as small as 10 -34. His calculations indicate that one cubic centimetre of this Zero Point energy contains more power than all of the matter in the known Universe.” According to Bohm the conception of Zero is an incalculable infinite. It is the supreme light either above or below our poor human visions limited range. “Bohm’s breakthroughs in quantum physics have opened the way for a new and productive relationship between ancient wisdom and modern science because, for the first time, they establish Fullness rather than a Void as the ground state of the Universe. The implications of this discovery are immense, not only because it offers science a new conceptual paradigm which may hold the key to grand unification but it lays the foundation for a new cosmology in which the polarities of Spirit and Matter may finally be joined in an integral synthesis harmonizing the various expressions of mind, life and matter.”

The fifth field i.e. explained earlier is the Hiranyagarbha or Omkara that forms the basis of the emergence of the Universe. This is explained by Wilkinson as – “While these new theories hold exciting possibilities for science, they have been known and understood for millennia by the philosopher-sages of Vedic India. Long ago the Rishis postulated the existence of 5 fields with the 5th being the Etheric Plenum, or Fullness from which all things emerge. According to them, our material Universe arose from a point or seed which lies at the resonant threshold of that Etheric Plenum. The Atharvaveda describes that point or seed as an – “Embryo [Hiranyagarbha] which, in the beginning, poured forth upon the Universe a stream of gold.” This embryo or seed lies at the intersection of Time and Space, Spirit and Matter, where involutionary forms move across the event horizon and begin their linear evolution. In the language of scientific cosmology, this point or Seed is the singularity from which the universe exploded into being. In metaphysical terms it is the Luminiferous Ether, the Om or primordial vibration out of which the universe emerges and has its origin. All material creation issues from this original involved point or seed as involutionary forms move across the spatial threshold and begin to evolve linearly in accordance with the laws of causation and the principles of time.Once it crosses that resonant threshold the material universe is obliged to unfold in a manner that allows the Seer to follow the evolving in our Time measure of what was involved in that seed by compression or contraction.” 

The Risi, said Norelli-Bachelet, a Worlds leading authority on Vedic cosmology “Understood that the Universe is made up of an endless series of analogies, homologies, and symmetries. They also knew that there is a profound correspondence and equivalence between the Macrocosm and Microcosm; that a hidden order is contained in what appears to be the random cycles of a human life. If man could recover the awareness of his intrinsic identity with the Cosmos, vowed the Risi, he would then be able to perceive the hidden order of the world. Since this order was embedded in the structure and periodic movement of the Macrocosm, it was understood that a corresponding order could be discovered by the individual in the cycles and events of his own life. By aligning himself with the harmonies of Cosmic Time, he would gradually become imprinted with their rhythms and realize within himself an immutable center or axis from which he could acquire an entirely new orientation to his lived experience. Since the same Zero Womb, which gave birth to the universe is also the core of the human being, the unveiling of this Soul/center/axis in the individual led to a simultaneous realization of Truth-Consciousness or Gnosis.”

The incredible healing power of sound is not known to the modern science but the ancients knew all about the Incredible power and potential of Sound. Alex Goumakos explained this fact by citing some references as – “Since time immemorial, mystics, priests, shamans and medicine men in many different parts of the world have used rhythm, chants and drum beats as principle tools in rituals and ceremonies to promote healing, enlist the divine help of spirits and to achieve altered states of consciousness.” “Many cultures skillfully use sounds and tones in their prayers and rituals even to this day. For example:

  • A trance dance performed by the! Kung Bushmen of Africa has enormous healing power as has been documented in numerous anthropological studies.
  • The Navajo people of the American Southwest use healing rituals known as ‘singings’ which they believe opens up a pathway between man and divine gods. Many miraculous healing’s have been reported.
  • Tibetan chanting and repeating of mantras has long been recognized as an effective aid to help facilitate altered states of consciousness during meditation.
  • The ancient Indian spiritual practice of Nadayoga stresses inner transformation using sound and tone. This teaching tells us that there is a specific connection between sound frequencies and the individual Chakras.

She says that – Clearly, sound and music was (and still is) considered a powerful force of nature. It has an impact on our health, our emotions, our feelings, and ‘as we are now discovering’ our state of mind. The fact is, modern science is now confirming what the ancients knew thousands of years ago; that sound is an astonishing creative energy.’’ The achievements of scientists are too small when compared to the achievements of Tantrayogi because the former are concerned merely with the study of empirical phenomena while the other with intuitive comprehension of the reality. If they purely depend only on their own methods they cannot forever discover the subtle aspects of the nature, they can only discover the fragmentary and superficial aspects of phenomena of nature. A.K. Sinha in his book Science and Tantrayoga gave the strategies of the Scientific method and its limitations as: Strategies of the scientific method. The scientific method is based on certain fundamental presumptions which are briefly stated by Sinha as follows –

  • The processes of events in nature are uniform.
  • The resemblance between certain categories of phenomena is the basis of scientific classification.
  • There is permanence in the occurrence of phenomena of nature.

These postulates constitute the foundations of the scientific method. Understanding of the phenomena of nature is possible through the application of scientific method. The following are the mil steps in the scientific method.

  1. The formulation of a problem is the necessary requirement for any scientific enquiry. A scientist must be clear about the problem on which he wishes to carry on his investigation, thereafter they devises a suitable method for inquiring into that problem. Scientific advancement cannot take place merely through the Baconian method of collecting empirical data. Cohen very rightly observes that without some guiding idea one does not know what facts to gather for a scientific enquiry. A scientist is basically a purposive being. He starts his scientific inquiry with a definite end in view. The teleological aspect in his personality organizes ideas and plans. Scientific research and plans scientific research and conducts scientific inquiry concerning a problem in a very systematic way.
  2. The second important step in the scientific method consists in the collection of data in systematic and planned observation. The phenomenon which is observed must be subjected to scientific measurements for their specific validity. The scientific measurements which are made on the phenomena of nature must be repeatable, and they must be capable of being demonstrated. The data which are collected through observation are classified and stated in precise and quantitative terms.
  3. The formulation of hypothesis is the next important step in the scientific method. Certain conjectures are made regarding the possible relationship between two or more variables. It is an important criterion of a good hypothesis that supposed relationship between two or more variables must be capable of being measured when it is finally put to test. A good scientific hypothesis must be potentially true, testable and useful. It must fit into the conceptual scheme of scientific theory. Further some a good hypothesis must be again and again verifiable in the light of new scientific information. Various hypotheses concerning a problem must be systematically related to one another in order to formulate work of a theory. Formulation of a good hypothesis is very important intellectual devise for the construction of a scientific theory and advancement of empirical knowledge.
  4. he final stage in the scientific method is empirical generalization. Poincare maintains that the function of science consists in the discovery of a general truth by finding out the relationships between data of experience. The formulation of general statement through inquiry leads to the construction of a scientific theory or a scientific law. The formulation of a most general statement is regarded as the final aim of scientific research.

These are the strategies of scientific methodology. Scientists have created technology, but they have not been able to impart consciousness. Therefore technology is absolutely blind and value neutral. Sinha opines that – “those scientists who choose to alienate themselves from the ultimate reality and prefer to be influenced by technology tend to become value-blind.” Some of the scientists have taken steps to propagate the ideology of value neutrality of science through mass media.

Author finally Concludes the topic with below set of points:

  • Everything in the universe vibrates and is made up of energy. Sound and music are no different.
  • in fact, musical notes vibrate at specific cycles per second. When a note or chord is played on a guitar, for example, the corresponding energy vibrates.
  • This vibrating energy moves out into the surrounding environment and enters our bodies and alters our blood pressure, breathing, muscle tension and skin temperature.
  • Here’s the amazing thing: Besides using your ears to ‘hear’ a piece of music, you are also experiencing it in many other ways; physically, mentally, spiritually and even unconsciously.
  • Music is so much more than a mere melody or song. It has creative – as well as destructive – power.
  • Numerous studies have shown that plants exposed to classical music actually thrive and grow faster than plants exposed to no music at all.
  • The same studies have also shown that plants exposed to rock and heavy metal music actually deteriorate and die rather quickly.
  • Even four-month-old human fetuses respond in very specific ways to sound; if exposed to loud music, their heart beat will accelerate. And just the opposite will occur when a fetus is exposed to soft, relaxing music.

The fact is, sound is an energy which we can ‘feel’ as well as hear.

  • Science is unable to solve some issues like the origin of sound, light, and form, the structure of the nature and why there is order in the nature, how material particles got transformed into living molecules etc. in order to understand and explain these facts they have to shut their methodology and relay on Tantra texts for better understanding of the nature, because where Science cannot explain the problems, there Tantra has the solution.
  • All the problems cannot be solved with scientific equipment’s and methodology. This has to be clearly understood by the scientists and they should search for another methodology, in order to solve the baffling issues of nature.
  • Nature is too complex and it is to be understood by the scientists that it is not possible to solve all the complex problems of the nature through their limited empirical knowledge. Scientists have fail in maintaining the ecological balance with their discoveries, and it is true that most of the discoveries are more harmful than giving beneficial results. Still they are getting the huge funds and scholarships for the modern killing technology of the nation.
  • Vedic and Tantric injunctions deal with the metaphysical aspects of the nature and are comprising of various ecological balancing techniques, healthiest and happiest way of life. The secrets of the nature are preserved in the codified form and the key to open the lockers of the code is Sanskrit, the natural language. It will be very helpful for the Scientists to gain fruitful results in unveiling the secrets of the nature without wasting the time, money and energy, if they learn Sanskrit.
  • The performance of the science of mantra, nada yoga practices and their application on various diseases is natural and pious and is the way of life. The field of consciousness which they create around themselves has positive and constructive effects on the individual and his surroundings and they elevate their personalities spiritually.
  • Many mature and outstanding physicists are recently getting concerned with the ontological problems of the physics. They are struggling very hard to discover the ultimate foundation of the ultimate reality. But the modern psychologists are least bothered by the ontological problem of the psychological science. They seem to be satisfied with the measurement of responses in individual. It may be commented here that they are utterly mistaken when they hope that they can discover the ultimate foundation of human personality by the crude metric methods of psychological inquiry. Isolated responses do not give a complete picture of human personality.
  • Practicing the methods and techniques, laid down in the Tantric treatises can only explore the secrets and enigmatic puzzles of the nature. Tantra, mantra, astrology, music and such other esoteric subjects are unique and their results have to be experienced by practicing them under a trained guru. It is a foolish endeavor of trying to get the recognition of science to these esoteric subjects.
  • In sum there is a big crisis in the methodology of science to discover the unlimited nature of the nature. It is highly impossible to prove the metaphysical aspects of nature with the help of science by following the skeptical ideas and materialistic approach. The reason is that the consciousness and sadhana invariable play their part in any form of human experience and behavior, that which cannot be explained by scientific methodology.

Every idea is the result of the sound. As no creation of any kind is possible without an idea behind it, every creation is the result of the non vibratory sound or the Sphota. Sound creates air, atmosphere and climate, and then only it reaches the stage of vibration. When it reaches the stage of vibration, sound creates light. Light is nothing but the sound of a particular frequency. In fact, every vibratory sound has color. It is the color which assumes the quality of light. Sound creates shapes and sizes. Every vibratory sound has a shape and size. According to the density of sound, the shape is solid, liquid or gas.” Every particle in this Universe is understandable in the sense of vibration. The different vibrations combine the tiny particles of the nature and make various shapes. Our human body is also a permutation of different vibrations that give the shape and structure of the body according to his deeds in the past. One cannot explain how a man is different both mentally and physically from the other person unless we know about the inner vibrations of the personal mind. The vibrations that are produced by the thoughts of the individual guide his shape, figure, fate, destiny and health etc. Health is that which we experience the happiness of the condition of perfect rhythm and tone. If any disharmony is there in the vibrations of the body cells then we experience the illness. Music is the best means of curing the diseases as the music provide the required vibrations that are lacking in us.


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