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Nada Sound in Vedic Science – Origin of Shapes and Figures | 102

The following article is an continuation from the previous article Nada Sound in Vedic Science | 101.

Nada Sound in Vedic Science 102
Mathomathis: Nada Sound in Vedic Science

i.e. Vayu and Antariksha are Amrita because these are Amrita (immortal). Pervading is their quality. So these are Yat (motion). This is also ‘Tyat’ because it is indivisible by other thing. So He the Supreme Brahman is the lord of Amrita which consists of above all the four qualities that resides in the field and all this is his essence. This Mantra clearly explains that the consciousness is the cause of matter and not the later of prior one.

Nada Sound in Vedic Science
Mathomathis: Nada Sound in Vedic Science

i.e: “Time, inherent nature, necessity, chance, the elements, the subject are not the authors of the Universe. Not even their combinations as there is what is called as Atma superior to all this. Even Atma is not the ‘Isa’ or controller because it is subject to good and bad. This disposes of the materialist argument as material is always an object of good and bad, knowledge and non-knowledge. This Brahman is purposely called objectless consciousness because the presence of object shows the division of that existence into two subject and object, which means the cognizance or understanding. It is no doubt difficult to understand what consciousness without atleast an element of cognizance is. Yet it can never be the object of any cognizance whatsoever. It is the subject, never completely an object.

So the mother of whole Universe according to Upanishads is Consciousness. Cognizance is subject-object relationship whereas consciousness is pure ocean like indistinguishable existence. This consciousness is peculiar because it is seen by some one as subject and some other as object.” Another important inadequacy of science is the destiny of sound. Where does the sound of modern physics go? The answers of the sound physicist of the modern age for the question: where does the sound go after the sound source came to rest? What happens to the waves that the sound produced and released? These questions are halting, hesitant and insufficient. They say sound dissipates at this stage. The sound waves having lost their origin, the vibrating source which has seized to vibrate, do not get the energy to renew themselves, and they get weaker and weaker and, finally, when the waves also seize, the sound ceases. But where is the sound dissipated to? No suitable answer is there to physicist. Justice Mukharji wrote that – “Scientists give an explanation as no energy is lost, the modern physicist applies the theory of the conversion of the energy, to say that the sound energy in waves is conveyed to other energies. How it is converted, when it is converted, and what it is converted are questions left unanswered in physics.” Indian metaphysics objects this dissipation or conversion theory of sound. According to metaphysics sound is deathless and more it is the source of the universe. In the words of Mukharji – “When we say that the vibrating wire has ceased to vibrate, we only speak a degree of truth with an equal degree of falsehood. Everything vibrates. The resting atom has within it the vibrating atomic solar system. It is emanating the cosmic radiations all the time.

We, of course, do not see them with our eyes. Sound lasts therefore so long Universe lasts as manifestation. Sound therefore is the eternal condition and companion of the Universe. This view has also has an answer to the query, where does the sound ultimately go? The answer is that it is absorbed into the element of Akasha or Vyoman. It is the claim of metaphysics that if you can fashion and refashion your needle of awareness to fit in different grooves of the concentration of sound, then you can play on the disk of the record of the gramophone of the Universe to reproduce any past sound that ever occurred, whether was sounded millions and millions of years ago or yesterday. That is how silence speaks, solitude sings, and the spheres send their sirens. Sound is the eternal witness. Sound is the eternal record. It is the perennial companion which will not submit to any separation. There is no past that can be irretrievably buried. Every sound is in the record of the Akasha indelibly impressed. Books inks and pens therefore are not our only records, Akasha or the Vyoman is the home of all sounds. This sound is described in the metaphysics as Anahatanada, the unstruck sound which creates, destroy and recreate manifold Universe. The shorter the wavelengths and greater the frequency, the greater is the conquest of distance, and you catch the distant sounds across continents. But even the shortest imaginable wave length cannot compare with sound without wavelength or vibration. It not only conquers continents, but also conquers all time and all space. In the case of this Anahata or non vibratory sound, it is no longer a difference between degrees of wavelengths.” Indian metaphysics explains Sphota the unmanifest, potential as Nadabrahman or Sabda Brahma.

Two types of sound exist in the words we utter. One is the cause of the sound and other is the one that denotes the object. The source sound resides in the mind in subtle form before the second sound expresses itself in the uttered words or sound. Justice Mukherji explained this as – “every thought or every idea is sound. The moment you think make a sound, though you do not here it. The moment an idea occurs in your mental canvas, there is a sound, though you do not see it or hear it. It is this sound which is the mother of all forms that constitute the manifest Universe. Sound wells out from the stage of non vibration to the stage of vibration. Sound therefore is not always Dhvani, sound includes both the voice and the word and the sound of so called innate objects. While all this is Shabdha or sound, it has a second and a third part. The second part is the Artha, meaning or the object and the third part is the Pratyaya or the mental apprehension. Sabdha, Artha and Pratyaya are the trinity producing the unity. They come to us mixed, so that unless we know the technique of separating them, we do not understand either the cause or the effect of the sound.” Mukherji further explained that – “All the objects that we are seeing in the Universe are the concentrated forms of the sounds. Every object is a certain density of sound. “That is its seminal sound. There is an octave of sound in every manifestation and object. If you know the seminal sound of that object, you can fashion it in any way you like by using that particular octave in remodeling or remoulding or destroying it. By the knowledge of sound and its application, we can create, sustain and destroy Universes. Sound creates electricity and magnetism and electromagnetic fields. Sound explains the law of attraction and repulsion throughout the universe. You can charge liquid, solid or gas by sound.

If you vibrate the water at the ultrasonic frequencies, you can kill aquatic creatures. Animals exposed to ultra-sonic frequencies show marked destruction of blood corpuscles. By the silent sound of high frequency, you can, by the gentlest touch of the softest material, cut through the hardest rock or glass. The unique and magnificent Mantrashastra is also based on this seminal sound. By performing the Japa of the Mantra you can remodel the entire physical, mental and psychic nature. The principle is that the seminal sound of the Mantra is the Bijamantra. The Guru can discover in a person his particular seed sound on which he will vibrate and initiates him into that Mantra for attainment (Mantrasiddhi). By the application of the same principle, there is a vast as yet untapped source of sound therapy. By sound we can cure diseases. Metabolism of the body can be heightened or lowered by the manipulation of sound. The whole of the Indian music is based on this sound concept and by proper tune and use of octave, one can create fire, water and other elements it is the claim in old treatises that by the application of music you can not only bring back life to the dead body, but also create living bodies and living tissues without the aid of biological processes. Energy becomes nuclear by condensation of sound, and thus gives rise to the shapes and forms, and the atomic energy of today, our modern preoccupation, is nothing refraction of the crystals of sound energy. Atomic energy or the nuclear energy is nothing but sound corpuscles or congealed sound.” This sound manifests in four stages namely – Para, Pasyanti, Madhyama and Vaikhari. Justice Mukharji explained about the four divisons of sound as – “The uttered word has four degrees for its achievement. First the will, second the vision or the knowledge, third the feeling (holding in) and fourthly the achievement.

To the degree of Will, knowledge, feeling and the sense of achievement you put in your uttered word and sound to that degree the word is animated and to that extent the word you utter in potent. The lettered sound as well as the unlettered sound is the result of your whole personality. You can see its results everyday. The same word uttered or spoken by different persons produces different results. The difference in the personality and character of utterances makes the difference. That is why it is said that the Mantra or the life transforming word, to be effective must be actually heard from the mouth of the Guru, the spiritual preceptor.” The science of Cymatics, discovered by Swiss scientist Hans Jenny, is the study of wave phenomena. Cymatics visually demonstrates that sound has the power to shape matter. “Jenny’s experiments showed that fine powders, such as sand and iron filings, actually arrange themselves into intricate patterns when sound waves are aimed at them. Scientists suggest that these changes occur through the manipulation of energy fields. Since human beings are made up of energy too, sound has the potential to create changes in us as well. This is perhaps one explanation for the miraculous healings which take place during the rituals and ceremonies certain sound frequencies have a healing effect on the body’s energy field.” Justice Mukharji explained how the sound produces the figures, forms, shapes and objects of the Universe as – “As the sound concentrates and condenses, it creates geometric figures. This explains not only the origin of dimensions and curves and figures and of shapes and sizes, but also as the process of condensation goes on, sound produces solid liquid and gas. The straight lines of Pasyanti sound create atmosphere, climate, and gas. The illuminated sound of Madhyama produces, in its train, liquid which can adapt its size and shape to any container. Finally, Vaikhari sound produces the solid with all its curves. In other words, all matter, whether solid, liquid, or gaseous is the result of the coagulation of sound. As blood coagulates whenever it becomes manifest on the surface outside its inner content, so does sound coagulate into matter whenever it comes out of its earlier stages of Para, Pasyanti and Madhyama. The paradox therefore is that the quality of sound is silence. In silence it is Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent. The startling propositions of sound are that the Universe is conceived in sound. It is born in sound. It grows and lives in sound. It is dissolved in sound. The Universe is the result of an idea.

Hazarat Inayat Khan in his book The mysticism of music, sound and word explained about the process of healing through sound as – “The idea of healing through music really belongs to the initial stage of developing through the art of music. The end of this is attaining through music, or as it is called in the Vedanta as, Samadhi. In the first place, if we saw what was at the back of all the medicines which are used for healing purposes, if we ask what it is in them that heal, we shall find that it is the different elements which constitute our physical being. The same elements are present in those medicines, and that which is lacking in us is taken from them, or the effect which should be produced in our body is produced by them. The vibration which is necessary for our health is created in the body by their power. The rhythm which is necessary for our cure is brought about by bringing the circulation of the blood into a certain rhythm and speed.” He further wrote that “By this we learn that health is a condition of perfect rhythm and tone. And what is music? Music is rhythm and tone. When the health is out of order, it means the music is out of order. Therefore, when the music is not right in us the help of harmony and rhythm is very necessary to bring us into a state of harmony and rhythm. This way of healing can be studied and understood by studying the music of one’s own life, by studying the rhythm of the pulse, the rhythm of the beating of the heart and of the head. Physicians who are sensitive to the rhythm determine the condition of the patient by examining the rhythm of the pulse, the beating of the heart, the rhythm of the circulation of the blood. And to find the real complaint a physician, with all his material knowledge, must depend upon his intuition and upon the use of his musical qualities.” Some scientists are very impartial and their sincere efforts putting in discovering the facts of the nature are up to the mark and are acceptable. The American psychologist George Leonard writes: “At the root of all power and motion, there is music and rhythm, the play of patterned frequencies against the matrix of time. More than 2500 years ago, the philosopher Pythagoras told his followers that a stone is a frozen music, an intuition fully validated by modern science; we now know that every particle in the universe takes its characteristics from the pitch and pattern and overtones of its particular frequencies, its singing. And the same thing is true of all music, music makes us. The deep structure of music is the same as the deep structure of everything else.”

The great 17th century philosopher and mathematician Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz wrote: “Music is a hidden arithmetic exercise of the soul, which does not know that it is dealing with numbers, because it does many things by way of unnoticed conceptions which with clear conception it could not do. Those who believe that nothing will happen in the soul of which the soul is not conscious are wrong. For this reason the soul, although not realizing that it is involving in mathematical computation, still senses the effect of this unnoticeable forming of numbers either as resultant feeling of well being in the case of harmonies or as discomfort in the case of disharmonies. As above, so below – is a basic principle of ancient wisdom.” Joachim Ernst Berendt opines that the sound can influence the DNA. He says that – “The entire microcosm is replete with harmonic concurrences. The long strings of nucleic acid in DNA are structured precisely according to the Pythagorean Tetractys, the fourfold sub division of the octave (octave fifth, fourth and major second). The Pythagoreans attributed magic power to the tetractys and called it sacred. This same structure is almost ubiquitous in those mysterious processes whereby inorganic structures are transformed into organic life. The four oxygen atoms, for instance, that surrounds the phosphorous atom vibrate in the tetractys! Lama Govinda’s word (which was uttered long before Kruger’s discoveries) has to be understood laterally. Each atom is constantly singing a song, and each moment this song creates dense or fine forms of greater or lesser materiality.”

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