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Cosmo Graphical Mapping | 102

In the previous article Cosmo Graphical Mapping | Jambudvipa | 101 author has discussed on concepts of Jambudvipa, saptadvipa, catur dvipa and more. The following article would be a continuity topic on the same. Readers are expected to read the previous article before reading the following one. Figure shown above is a reproduction of the...

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Indic Cosmology | Kosla Vepa | Time Keepers | 101

Mathomathis would like to present an article on Indic Cosmology and Time Keepers by Kosla Vepa – Indic Studies Foundation. The articles would be broken down into various sections. The following article would represent the basics of the Indic Cosmology and its background, followed by explanation of times and its divisions in subsequent articles In...

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