Mathomathis - Brahma Family Tree

Vedic Creation – Birth of brahma and his kids | 101

Hindu Scriptures & Sanskrit Literature  | Mathomathis would like to present an article on Root By Kadambi Srinivasan | Published by | Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams | Tirupati 2019. The following article will explain about the creation of the universe by adopting the concepts of vedas and upanishad. Do note that, every concepts including the so...

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Mathomathis - Cosmology 3

Origin of the Universe | Vedic Conception | Final

Continuing from the previous article:- Origin of the Universe | Vedic Conception | 101; Fossil is preserved remains of animals or plants. The remains of an animal or plant present from an earlier era inside a rock or other geologic deposit, often as an impression or in petrified state. Fossils help scientists to understand how...

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Origin of the Universe | Vedic Conception | 101

Hindu Vedic religion, in its account of creation of the universe, has been very positive and scientifically presented. It is rare for a religion to describe scientifically with critical account how the universe came into existence and about its origin and nature. The Vedic religion has been very out spoken. The origin of cosmos cannot...

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