Origin of the Universe | Vedic Conception | 101

Hindu Vedic religion, in its account of creation of the universe, has been very positive and scientifically presented. It is rare for a religion to describe scientifically with critical account how the universe came into existence and about its origin and nature. The Vedic religion has been very out spoken. The origin of cosmos cannot...

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Puranic Conception

Cosmo Graphical Mapping | Cosmographies In Hindu Tradition | 103

The following article on Cosmo Graphical Mapping by JOSEPH E. SCHWARTZBERG is a continuation from the Previous article Cosmo Graphical Mapping | 102. The following article would be describing on Cosmographies In Hindu Tradition, Paintings and Ink Drawings. Compared with the surviving cosmographies of the Jain tradition-an exceedingly large number-those clearly identifiable with Hinduism are...

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Nada Sound in Vedic Science | 103 (Conclusion)

The following article is a continuation from the previous article Nada Sound in Vedic Science – Origin of Shapes and Figures | 102. Readers are expected to complete the previous article, before continuing further. Robert E. Wilkinson in his article – The Quantum Brahman explained about the Quantum Vacuum that clarifies some of the baffling...

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