Nada Sound in Vedic Science – Origin of Shapes and Figures | 102

The following article is an continuation from the previous article Nada Sound in Vedic Science | 101. i.e. Vayu and Antariksha are Amrita because these are Amrita (immortal). Pervading is their quality. So these are Yat (motion). This is also ‘Tyat’ because it is indivisible by other thing. So He the Supreme Brahman is the...

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Mathomathis - Nada

Nada – Sound In Vedic Science | 101

Definition of Science: Carnap defines Science as – “an ordered body of knowledge.” Skinner, defines Science as – “a search for order, for uniformities for lawful relations amongst events in nature.” In the view of Wartofsky “Science is an activity, a process and continuous inquiry. The procedures, functions and purposes of Scientific inquiry must be...

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