The MetaPhysics of Law (Conclusion)

 Source of Natural and Positive Law The devas or gods and asuras or demons, are allegoric terms, the term asura might stand politically for external invaders; historically for aborigines of India whom the Aryan immigrants had to repel!: socially, for the trash and bad characters; and psychologically, for the perverted tendencies in man. The terms...

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Buddhism - Mathomathis

Buddhist Conception Of The World | Western Continents | 102

The following article is a continuation from the previous article Buddhist Conception Of The World | 101 users are expected to read the previous article before proceeding further. Jambudvipa is around 10,000 or 7,000 yojanas in extent. It is therefore called Maha or Great. Of the 10,000 yojanas of the Jambudvipa 4,000 are covered by...

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