The Speed of Light | Subhash Kak

Mathomathis would like to present an article on The Speed of Light by author Subhash Kak, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering Louisiana State University Baton Rouge, LA 70803-5901, USA Given the nature of the analogy, one would expect that this speed was considered finite. The Puranas as speak of the moving jyotiscakra, “the circle...

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Buddhism - Mathomathis

Buddhist Conception Of The World | Uttarakuru | 103 (Conclusion)

In the following article Mathomathis would present a discussion on continent of Uttarakuru which is the most mysterious and mythical in character. Before proceeding further, readers are advised to read the previous article Buddhist Conception Of The World | Western Continents | 102. Though the name Uttarakuru is common between the Brahmanical and the Buddhist...

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Color and Speed Of Light – Vedic Science

Vedic science is a great treasure of knowledge in the form of Vedas, Upanishads & Samhitas. Ancient Rishis proved the various scientific theories based on Vedic science; since more than thousands of year ago. In Vedic literature, there are so many verses that explain the theory of universe, Astrology, Engineering, Medicine, Telegraphy, Metallurgy, Chemistry and...

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