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Rishikas | Female Rishis In Vedanta Dharma | (Conclusion)

Mathomathis would like to continue from the previous article on Rishikas | Female Rishis In Vedanta Dharma | 101. The following article was been referred from the Assam university library. In the following article mathomathis would be describing on the VEDIC GODDESSES Usha Devi: The most beautiful conception of a goddess which the Rig Veda presents to us in Usha,

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Life in the Womb | Gestation (Conclusion)

Mathomathis would like present an article on Life in the Womb: Conception and Gestation in Buddhist Scripture and Classical Indian Medical Literature By Author: Robert Kritzer. Before proceeding further, make sure to complete the previous article: Life in the Womb | The Garbhavakrantisutra The Garbhāvakrāntisūtra is the first text that mentions each week of the development of the fetus. In

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Functions of Dhatus according to Ayurvedic kriya Sharir

Mathomathis would like to present an article on: Functions of Dhatus according to Ayurvedic kriya Sharir (Dhatukarmabhyas) | Research Article By Sunil Tulshiramji Mehetre | Corresponding Author: Assistant Professor & HOD, Department of Kriya sharir, S.C.M. Aryangla Vaidyak mahavidyalaya, I.T.I. Road, Gendamal, Satara-415002 (Maharashtra). Supplemental Issue of National Seminar on Empowering and Empanelling Ayurveda System of Medicine Organized by SC

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